The Moyer Team Property Management Services

The Moyer Team Property Management Services is a branch of the services of The Moyer Team.  This company, founded in 2011, was started to allow The Moyer Team to serve even more of their client's real estate needs.  With so many people left unable to sell their homes due to the "Great Recession" and declining home values more people were turning to renting their homes out when they had to move, and we sought to help them through that process as well.

At The Moyer Team Property Management Services we try to provide the same high level service that we give with our real estate sales clients, providing prompt and on time repair services and diligent collection of rent to our landlord clients to help maintain their home and give them the financial security they need.  Where ever their lives may have taken them away from their homes, we always try to provide that peace of mind that their home is cared for.


If you are applying for a home listed by Todd Moyer and Managed through The Moyer Team Property

Management Services, the application is found here. Application.


If you would like to have your home managed by The Moyer Team, our management
agreement can be acquired by following the link here or contacting Tammy Moyer at 443-745-1593.

Management Agreement

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Tammy Moyer is a Maryland real estate licensee affiliated with RE/MAX Advantage Realty; Todd Moyer is associated with, owns and/or operates Peace of Mind Property Management for the sole purpose of providing Property Management services; Peace of Mind Property Management is not affiliated with RE/MAX Advantage Realty or any of the affiliates, associates, divisions, properties, or subsidiaries thereof and no joint venture, partnership, employment or agency relationship exists between Peace of Mind Property Management and RE/MAX Advantage Realty.